Shopping for the cannabis lover in your life was once a tedious task, there were not many options to choose from prior to legalization. Now that the cannabis lifestyle has become more accepted, there are a growing plethora of cannabis accessories in the market. With the wide selection available in stores today, gift giving to the cannabis lover in your life has become more accessible but can also be overwhelming – especially if you are not familiar with cannabis yourself.

Whether you’re looking for something more innovative and new, or simple yet sophisticated, it is safe to say that there is something out there for everyone. Wild Green Canada has compiled a solid list of the latest and greatest cannabis accessories, ensuring that gift giving to the cannabis enthusiast in your life will be an easy yet enjoyable task.


Vaporizers truly reflect the modern advancements of cannabis technology. Cannabis vaporizers often allow you to control temperature settings; a customizable experience for your desired preference. Some vaporizers often offer users versatility, with the user being able to use different forms of cannabis such as natural buds or oil concentrates, all within the same device.

Vaporizers are known to be able to provide the user a greater ability to be discreet when enjoying cannabis, as they usually produce less smoke and odor compared to the traditional joint or pipe. Many vaporizers in the market today aim to produce a small device that can usually fit into the palm of your hand or slide smoothly into your pocket ensuring discreetness, along with portability for being on the go.

The Davinci IQ-C would be an outstanding gift for the cannabis user in your life, it is a product that highlights all the great features of cannabis vaporizers; small and discrete, yet innovative and versatile.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, although does not come with all the complex features, it will still be an outstanding gift that cannabis users can enjoy. The Groove Cara Pen delivers a high-quality solid concentrate pen at a value price. Convenience in your hands with its small, sleek and solid build that delivers a smooth, yet impactful vapor.

Bongs & Bubblers

Bongs and Bubblers are two types of water pipes used for cannabis consumption, both have very similar features; using water to filter and cool the smoke. Bongs and Bubblers provide a much smoother experience compared to the traditional dry pipes and joints.

Although there are smaller more compact designs, bongs tend to be bigger in size and great for enjoying in the comfort of your own home. Cannabis bongs usually have removable parts allowing for user customization and easy cleaning.

The Eyce Beaker is a standout bong and unique product that features a large hidden jar, rolling tray, magnetic ring lighter holder, stainless steel poker, ice catch, and a 14mm glass on glass slide and down stem. There is no other silicone water pipe on the market with this many features and this level of futuristic function, it is also available in a mini size!

Bubblers tend to be more compact than a traditional bong but still achieves a great and smooth experience while still being easily portable. Because Bubblers are usually made from glass, it provides a clean and pure taste.

Sleek and sturdy, the Bubbler has been engineered with beautiful symmetry and intelligent proportions, crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass, the Smoked Glass Bubbler features an eight-slit percolator stem and built-in ash catcher. A generous carb is designed for both clearing smoke and filling/draining water.

Rolling Trays

For someone who loves to roll their own joints or blunts, the simple gift of a rolling tray will be greatly appreciated. Rolling trays are the perfect cannabis accessory to keep all of your tools and materials in one place without spilling and making a mess. There are plenty of rolling trays to choose from, making it easier for you to choose the perfect one that suits the recipient’s preferences and style, making the gift that much more meaningful.

The Greengo ECO Rolling Tray is a unique piece as no two trays are the same. It is the perfect compact size, big enough to display all your necessary gear. Rolling a joint has never been easier, with a built in mold in the center of the tray, a perfect spot to lay down your material. These ECO rolling trays are all made in a sustainable fashion using recycled plastic.

Keith Haring offers a great selection of higher end rolling trays, beautifully designed with Keith Haring’s phenomenal artwork. Its spacious surface not only serves as a platform for rolling and mixing material, but as a canvas for Haring’s pared-down palette and thought-provoking imagery. Contrasting colors and bold, shifting lines are blanketed with an exceptionally clear, ultra white glass, making this tray an exceptional gift.


If you find yourself having trouble with what to gift the cannabis lover in your life for this holiday season, as it may be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are not a user or familiar with cannabis. Whether you choose a vaporizer, bong/bubbler or a rolling tray, all of these items offer both affordable and high-end options as a great gift.

There is definitely something out their for everyone.