To dive deeper into the world of sustainable cannabis accessories, we recently asked Greengo’s marketing content specialist Robin D’Hondt a few pointed questions.

Greengo was established in 2010 in the Netherlands, one of the first countries to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Since day one, Greengo’s mission has been to create a more sustainable way to enjoy cannabis.

Over the past decade, Greengo has expanded internationally, with products being sold all over the world. Greengo, for good reason has experienced a high demand for their innovative yet sustainable products.

Although, they do not claim to be the reason for changing the world, they do want consumers to be able to enjoy moments in life in the greenest way possible.

The following is an interview with Robin D’Hondt as we dive deeper into the world of Greengo.

WGC: Robin, what was the motivation for creating another line of accessories in the cannabis world that already has so many brands?

RD: When Greengo was established, the cannabis industry was not like it is now. There were not a lot of Cannabis accessory brands, and not any that focused on sustainability and eco-friendly products.

Greengo’s focus was to be able to provide users with pure, natural, and sustainable alternatives to your traditional rolling papers and accessories that contained a lot of added chemicals.

As the industry grew, many other brands have started to offer more sustainable and natural products, whether it’s because they want to make a difference or strictly because it can be a great business opportunity.

Being a pioneer in this space, we can proudly say that at Greengo, it’s a genuine part of our DNA since the very beginning.

WGC: What were some of the products that were first created under the Greengo name?

RD: The first Greengo product was the tobacco substitute, entirely made from natural ingredients.

Greengo’s first product, the tobacco substitute that was nicotine free and made from natural ingredients.

This sparked the idea to make more products that are completely natural like rolling papers in the regular 1 ¼ size and eventually the Greengo King Size followed.

Greengo King Size Rolling Papers.

Greengo Regular 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers.

WGC: Is incorporating recycled materials into your products difficult? How does that process work and what does it look like?

RD: It is of course more challenging to incorporate recycled materials into our products because there are less suppliers to choose from. As a company with a sustainable mission, we must be more selective and thorough in our vetting process.

The industry has evolved with more suppliers that are able to offer more green alternatives now than ever before. At Greengo, we are driven by this challenge to discover new ways to make products more sustainable.

The actual production varies depending on the individual product as there is no one size fits all answer.

WGC: The younger populations, such as Gen X and Millennials, are shown to be more focused on climate change and green initiatives to better the environment. How do you convince old consumers to incorporate this way of thinking into their cannabis lifestyle?

RD: At Greengo, we are not here to convince or lecture anyone about sustainability. We are not perfect and are continuously trying to better ourselves as a brand and to lead by example without being high and mighty about it.

We want to show the consumers that it is possible to be sustainable in this cannabis space and that it can be a fun for everyone to contribute in making the world a better place.

Even for those individuals who may not be thinking about sustainability, Greengo wants to offer them a better tasting, pure product that is high quality yet sustainable. We hope that with process, our sustainable way of thinking can rub off on as many people as possible.

WGC: How has Greengo been received by the cannabis industry? 

RD: Greengo has always been well rerceived in the cannabis industry from the get-go. Our message and mission resonated with many people within the cannabis community.

Aside from great marketing and packaging, Greengo started with top quality products which is what was lacking in other new, rapidly developing brands. Greengo puts their refined levels of expertise into all of our products, anyone who has tried Greengo products has had a great experience and provided positive feedback.

That is why Greengo won the European Product of The Year and have been always ranked highly in all of the tests.

WGC: Can you tell us one thing that most people may not know about Greengo?

RD: Greengo is an international brand that is being sold all over the world, but not many people know that Greengo originated from the Netherlands.

Greengo is a Dutch brand from Holland, the west of the Netherlands and home to the land of Amsterdam, coffee shops and cannabis.

WGC: What is your personal favorite Greengo product and why?

RD: I have a few favorites but some that stand out to me are the Eco Rolling Trays, not only because of the way it looks but the way that it is produced with recycled materials that are used in the Dutch Cannabis industry. Our ECO Rolling Tray was a big winner during the 2019 Jack Herer Cup in Amsterdam.

Another one of my favorites products is the Greengo Ultimate Pack because it is so ingenious: Has tips, rolling papers and a foldable rolling tray/cone filler rolled into one. Great when your out and about enjoying nature or at a festival.

It’s also a testament to Greengo’s willingness to bettering ourselves, it used to have a magnetic closing, but we took that of the market and replaced is with a more sustainable solution.

WGC: What does the future hold for Greengo?

RD: Greengo has a bright future and will be releasing more new products. There has been plenty of development in sustainability and with that it has opened a lot more possibilities and opportunities to produce new products. Greengo is striving to be the cutting edge of sustainability and that will involve products that incorporate all kinds of new developments.

Furthermore, Greengo will stay loyal to its core values being the natural, sustainable brand everyone has come to know and love, but we want to have more fun with it. This will involve sprucing up the brand, incorporating more fun in our communications. Our merchandise will expand, slowly evolving into a Greengo lifestyle.


Greengo originates from the vision of real idealists. Lovers of green, who like to roll one up and light it up, but don’t feel like getting any of the unnecessary “bleach” coming with it.

Wild Green Canada is the proud Canadian distributor for Greengo and all of its outstanding products that allow consumers to be able to enjoy cannabis in a sustainable way.

To find Greengo products near you, visit out our store locator so you can start enjoying moments in life in the greenest way possible.