Groove Cara Pen

Product Short Description

Compact, discreet and innovative, the CARA by Groove delivers a high-quality solid concentrate pen at a value price. Convenience is in your hands with its small, sleek and solid build that delivers a smooth, impactful vapor.

Cara comes from the Latin word cārus, which means “friend, beloved, darling, loved one.” The Groove CARA is the new companion for cannabis concentrate consumers who want a dependable device that delivers a consistent experience.


  • Compact Design
  • Solid Build
  • Quality Functionality
  • Quartz Coil Heating
  • Heating In Waves
  • Adjustable Voltage
  • 15-Second Safety Cut-Off

Variable Voltage Settings:

  • Low (White LED) = 3.4V
  • Medium (Blue LED) = 3.8V
  • High (Green LED) = 4.2V



Groove is a lifestyle brand focused on communicating different experiences around cannabis consumption. Our products are developed and vetted by industry experts to meet two key essentials, great quality at a value price. When you purchase a Groove product you can buy in confidence knowing that you’re investing in a quality item at a competitive price. Compact, discreet and innovative, Groove delivers high-quality, productsat a value price. Convenience is in your hands with sleek and solid builds that deliver a smooth, impactful experience.



Additional information

Variable Voltage Settings

Low (White LED) = 3.4V
Medium (Blue LED) = 3.8V
High (Green LED) = 4.2V

Included Items

1x Groove Cara
1x Coil Cap
1x Extra Quartz Coil
1x Pick Tool
1x USB Cable
1x Instruction Manual

How To Use

Unscrew the mouthpiece and coil cap and add your material into the coil (careful not to stab the heating elements). Screw the coil cap and mouthpiece back on. Press and hold the button and enjoy your vaping. Repeat as desired.

Suggested Retail Price

C$29.99 – 34.99

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