Product Short Description

The Greengo ECO Rolling Tray was a big winner during the 2019 Jack Herer Cup in Amsterdam. How cool is that?!

This best-seller is a damn handy item:
a perfect compact size, big enough to display all your necessary gear. Rolling a joint is easier than ever with this rolling tray. We added a mold in the middle to lay down your product.
Did you know that every tray is unique? Just like our ECO grinders, they are made from recycled plastic cases that are used in the Dutch cannabis industry.




Why would someone use bleached rolling papers? Can a grinder be made of recycled plastic?

These are among the questions the people at Greengo asked themselves. When Greengo began in 2010, they wanted a pure, natural and sustainable alternative to bleached rolling papers. Greengo ECO products are all made in a sustainable fashion. Greengo originates from the vision of real idealists. Lovers of green, who like to roll one and light it up, but don’t feel like getting any unnecessary ‘bleach’ along with it.

Additional information


20 x 16 mm


Recycled plastic

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