Are you stepping into the world of cannabis? Whether you are completely new to cannabis or you haven’t consumed cannabis in years, it can be intimidating trying to figure out exactly what you need.

Here are 6 must have products that you will need to get the ultimate cannabis experience.

1. Grinder

A grinder is a tool that breaks down cannabis flower into fine pieces that can then be added to your joint, pipe, bong or vaporizer. Having a good grinder is important, as it will break down the cannabis flower into pieces that fairly similar is size and consistency, this will ensure a smooth and even burn.

The Aerospaced by Higher Standards, the luxe smoking authority, sets the standard in grinder quality for over 15 years. These grinders feature aircraft-grade aluminum and sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that finely shred material to an even consistency—preparing you for an unmatched smoking experience. The Aerospaced grinders come in two different sizes; 2.0″ and 2.5″, that have a lifetime warranty which ensures that you are receiving a high-quality product that is backed up for as long as you own it.

2. Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is a must have when it comes to cannabis, especially for those who roll their own joints and or blunts. Whether you are rolling a fresh joint, filling up a pre-rolled cone, pipe or bong, it is able to ensure that you don’t drop and waste any of your material.

The Greengo ECO Rolling Tray has a very unique design as there is an added mold in the middle of the tray to lay down your material. The trays are made from recycled plastic cases that are used in the Dutch cannabis industry, this innovative and eco friendly tray is a must have for the ultimate starter pack.

3. Humidity Control Packs

An environment that is too dry can cause cannabis trichomes to dry out, leaving your flower to become harsh and brittle. On the other hand, having an excessive amount of moisture in specific environments can increase the risk of mold.

Integra Boost humidity packs are a salt-free, 99% biodegradable two-way humidity control packet that helps regulate the relative humidity levels in any enclosed surrounding. Each humidity pack adjusts and adapts to the air around it; releasing or absorbing moisture as needed for the perfect environment for your cannabis without releasing any harmful chemicals to the product.

4. Smell Proof Case

Cannabis produces a distinctive and powerful aroma that may not be very appealing, especially while travelling. Although the use of cannabis is more common these days, there is still a certain social stigma around cannabis use. Smell proof cases can help cannabis users be discrete when using, storing or travelling with cannabis.

The Silverton case by Stashlogix is one of the most popular smell proof cases; they are lined with activated carbon fiber that absorbs odors. Another great feature is that there is a built in 3-digit programmable combination lock ensuring that your stash is safely stored, especially if children are around.

The Silverton comes in 3 different sizes to fit everyone’s specific needs.

5. Saverettes 

Saverettes are the perfect way to store your freshly rolled or partially smoked joints to ensure that your joints will be kept safe wherever you are. Travelling with a joint may cause the distinguished smell of cannabis to be exposed and potentially have the joint break without the proper storage.

Greengo Saverettes are a revolutionary plastic tube that can be used to extinguish and preserve a joint without any loss of flavour. Ideal for those moments that you don’t have time to enjoy the whole joint, but don’t want to throw it away. The well-known Saverette ensures that what you don’t consume doesn’t just burn away either.

6. Pre-rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones are empty joints that are already shaped, it only needs to be filled and stuffed with cannabis. For a beginner, it can be challenging to get into the groove of rolling your own joint, frustration may arise as it requires a lot of practice and can be extremely time consuming.

Vibes Cones are rolled perfectly, quick and easy to fill and are usually less time consuming than rolling a joint. The king size cones can hold around 1 gram of material. Vibes offer a variety of cones; Ulta-Thin, Hemp and Rice paper cones, creating the ultimate smoking experience for everyone.


Stepping into the world of cannabis can be overwhelming as dispensaries have a plethora of options to choose from. These 6 key items will allow both a beginner and/or experienced cannabis user to incorporate outstanding yet useful products into their cannabis routine for that enjoyable experience.