One hitters are small pipes that hold enough cannabis material for one quick hit. Tube-like in shape, one end has a mouth piece and the other end is where you can load up your material.

There are different types of one-hitters; the most commonly found are made of glass, however there are also metal and silicone variations as well.

Small and discrete, the one hitter pipe is able to fit into the palm of your hand and can easily slide into your pocket, making it easy and convenient for being on-the-go.

Why is a one-hitter pipe a great choice? 

It’s Discrete

Many say that a one-hitter easily resembles the shape of a cigarette; small and discrete, allowing you to blend right in. The one-hitter may be small but you’ll find that it is more than enough to enjoy a quick session that can still achieve that desired high. Following your quick sesh, it can be easily tucked into your pocket.

Whether you want to enjoy cannabis while waiting outside of a restaurant, or while you are going for a nice stroll in the park, attention will not be drawn to you. Being discrete, the one-hitter enables keeping a low-profile and make you look like you are just enjoying a old-fashioned cigarette while out in public.

It’s Convenient

There probably has been a time where you’ve felt like bringing your bong along to enjoy throughout the day. Sometimes however, it just does not make sense to be carrying a big bong to the park. This is why one-hitters are a great choice.

One-hitters do not require you to bring other materials to enjoy a cannabis session, such as papers for rolling a joint or water for your bong. It takes little to no effort to fill up your one-hitter, and easily slip it back into your pocket until you are ready to enjoy it again.

It’s Conservative

There has probably been a time where you find yourself rolling too big of a joint or over packing a bowl. You’ve likely ended up just smoking it all anyways, just because its been prepared already.

A one-hitter pipe will help those who have a hard time saving their material, or find themselves over-consuming, especially when it is not needed. The one-hitter forces the user to take one hit at a time, creating mindfulness as to whether or not you actually need more.

Overall, incorporating a one-hitter into your lifestyle can help you with over consumption and dosage control. This can help save your material for future use – and also help you save a little money too.

It Limits Odor

The lingering strong smell that cannabis produces can be a bother to those around you, especially in public places. Of course, with a one-hitter, the smell does not disappear completely but ends up being much lighter than with other smoking methods.

Like the name, the one-hitter pipe is just one singular hit and that is it. The smell produced does not linger like a traditional joint that is continuously burning and producing that distinctive and occasionally intrusive smell.


Marley Naturals

Marley Naturals feature a couple different one-hitter pipe options, which they like to call “tasters”. The Marley Natural Glass Taster is a fantastic option for dry herb users who want flavor on-the-go.

This little Glass Taster has a lot of style and a few tricks up its sleeve. Made from thick, hand-blown borosilicate glass, this portable pipe’s solid mouthpiece offers weight and intuitive balance. Two sleek designs of the Marley Glass Taster are the Smoked Glass and the Black Walnut Wood.


The Eyce Shorty is a virtually unbreakable taster that is perfect for on-the-go use. Its platinum-cured silicone is paired with a medical-grade borosilicate glass bowl inlay for extreme durability and super easy cleaning. The Shorty gives you the full flavor profile of your material with each discreet draw. Equipped with a necklace hook, this one-hitter can be covertly and conveniently carried everywhere you go.


If you are looking for a different way to consume cannabis – something that is quick and easy for your busy day-to-day life – one-hitters are the perfect choice.

One-hitter pipes have been around in the cannabis world for many years and have become the ideal smoking method for those who regularly enjoy cannabis. Using a one-hitter makes smoking convenient and discrete while being able to help over consumption and save you some money.

Give that one-hitter pipe a try and watch it soon become the perfect companion for that quick, yet enjoyable cannabis experience!