Whether your ideal routine for winding down at the end of the day is paired with a nice glass of wine, a good book, or a nice joint, winding down at the end of a long day is what many people look forward to most.

Cannabis can be a helpful way for users to clear their mind and relax after a busy day. As there are endless amounts of Cannabis strains out there, it can be a challenging task to figure out what is best suited for you. Thankfully we’ve assembled a list of a few that might be right up your alley.

The following recommendations are widely considered to be some of the best, most sought out cannabis strains for the perfect night of relaxation.

OG Kush

OG Kush is an extremely popular strain that was first cultivated in the early 90s. It is an indica-hybrid strain that is indica-dominant, averaging between 20-23% of THC.

This cannabis strain provides an immediate high sensation allowing your body to feel a sense of euphoria. It is the ideal strain if you are looking for something that will give you energy to complete your evening tasks, but will eventually lull your body into relaxation.

The feeling of relaxation that comes along with OG Kush may help users to soothe stress and help you achieve a good night’s rest.

OG Kush aka Premium OG Kush Weed Strain Information | Leafly

Granddaddy Purple 

Granddaddy Purple is a famous cannabis strain that also goes by various different monikers; GDP, Grand Daddy Purps, or Purple Kush. Visually, this particular strain is a very beautiful, as the flowers bloom in shades of deep purple. It is an indica strain that is known to possess a high percentage of THC.

Grandaddy Purple contains a high amount of Myrcene; a chemical compound that can increase an individual’s sleeping time and quality. It has become one of the go-to cannabis strains for those who have difficulty with sleeping. In addition to this, it may also combat feelings of pain.

If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night due to physical pain in your body, trying GDP can potentially help you get the proper rest you need after a long day.

Granddaddy Purple aka Grand Daddy Purp, Granddaddy Purple Kush, Granddaddy Purps, GDP Weed Strain Information | Leafly

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a classic indica-dominant strain that is a cross between the Thai and Afghani strains. It is often described to have a smooth and sweet yet spicy flavour.

Northern Lights is rich in Myrcene and Pinene terpenes that can help you achieve that energizing yet settling effect on both your mind and body.

This strain tends to not make you instantly tired, and instead provides an initial euphoric feeling. This allows you to complete any end of the day tasks before eventually fading into relaxation, and can help take your mind off of stressful situations.

Northern Lights aka NL Weed Strain Information | Leafly


Ending the night with cannabis is a ritual for many.

For a long time now, people have viewed cannabis as a way to help them unwind after a long stressful day. Cannabis consumption may be able to help users who experience forms of physical body pain, have trouble sleeping, or even just have a hard time clearing their mind.

Finding the perfect cannabis strain for your night time routine may be overwhelming, as there are so many different options to choose from in the cannabis world today.

Keep experimenting with different strains like the ones we’ve mentioned and soon enough you’ll uncover the most relaxing one that is ideal for you.