What Is Kief? 

Cannabis flower contains trichomes; tiny crystal-like particles that form on the surface of your bud. Kief is the pure and clean collection of cannabis trichomes that come from your bud. Kief is very potent, and contains a higher amount of cannabinoids.

Cannabis flower tends to range up to 30% in THC where as collected kief can range from 50%-80% THC. Depending on your cannabis tolerance, a high may last up to 4 hours due to the high potency of kief.

Buying kief from your local dispensary is always an option, but can be a costly one. Extracting your own kief is much easier than it may seem, as the collection process can be extremely effortless and will save you a pretty penny.

How Do You Extract Kief? 

Kief can be accumulated in a variety of ways, some are more straightforward and effortless than others.

One method of collection is by using a silk screen that your flower can slowly be shaken through, resulting in the creation of kief. Extracting kief by using a silkscreen will yield a larger amount of kief compared to other methods.

There are different mesh sizes to choose from with silk screens. The mesh sizes with smaller holes will catch the most potent trichomes whereas the larger mesh sizes will yield much more kief but the potency will not be as strong.

Cannabis grinders – more specifically a 4 piece grinder – is the most common way to collect kief as it is effortless and requires little to no work.

A 4-piece grinder often includes a magnetic lid which sits above the grinding chamber. The grinded flower falls into the 3rd layer which is a screen, which sits directly above the 4th layer is a kief catcher. The screen is able to separate your grinded bud from the trichomes, that will then fall into the kief collector.

Using a high quality grinder is essential to obtaining higher yields of kief for the ultimate experience.

HIGH QUALITY GRINDERS: Higher Standards Aerospaced 4PC 2.5″ (63mm) MED

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HIGH QUALITY GRINDERS: Higher Standards Groove 4 Piece Grinder 2.5″ (63mm) MED

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If you are a frequent cannabis user and are trying to find a new way to elevate your session – then utilizing kief may be the way to go.

Though it may take longer than when using a silkscreen, the ease of use of an everyday 4-piece grinder makes it worth the wait. Not only is it the most cost efficient method to extract kief, but can effectively aid in elevating your cannabis experience to the next level.