Although smoking cannabis through a rolled joint is the most common way to consume cannabis, there are plenty of different ways to do so. Other forms of smoking cannabis includes consumption through a bong, pipe, one hitter, vaporizer, riggler and more. These methods require proper cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning your cannabis gear can be a very simple process that is implemented into your daily routine but will make the world of a difference for not only your experience – but for your health and safety also.

Dirty Cannabis Gear Can Be Unhealthy

Depending on how frequent your cannabis gear is used, your pieces can start to become dirty fairly quickly.

Cannabis gear will begin to collect unwanted debris. Debris can then turn into bacteria and fungus build up, This can later result in mold caused by the bacteria.

Mold inhalation can make the user start to experience symptoms of headaches, coughing, chest pains, dizziness, fatigue and more. Although these symptoms can vary, it can lead up to something as serious as a lung infection.

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Clean Gear For Ultimate Experience

Investing in cannabis accessories can be costly, keeping your cannabis gear cleaned will allow you to enjoy it at its highest potential. Having clean gear that is free from unwanted gunk will allow the user to obtain a clean smooth hit, with no lingering residue from your last session, or hinderance on the flavors and aromas of the plant.

Smoking cannabis can irritate your airways, this sends triggers to your body forcing it to cough. As inhaling any smoke can cause coughing, the goal is to protect your lungs as much as possible. Having dirty smoking accessories will increase your chances of coughing due to debris build up.

How Often Should I Clean My Gear

Whether you consume cannabis on an everyday basis, or just on the weekends to relax, it is always recommended to clean your cannabis gear after every use. Not only will create great cleaning habits, your gear will be cleaned and optimal for the next use.

Depending on where the cannabis gear is stored after use and how often you consume cannabis, a quick rinse through may be suggested before your session.

The environment where your gear is stored is also important. Places like a damp basement or a garage can build condensation which can then promote fungus and bacteria to grow.

Invest In Good Cleaning Products

Although cleaning can a time consuming task, investing in good cleaning supplies and products for your cannabis gear can make a world of a difference. Some products that are recommended that can make the cleaning process a little less dreadful are as follows:

Cleaning Solution

Eyce Silicone Cleaner will prolong the life of your silicone and maintain optimum performance, the product also works great on glass, stone, metal, tile, and ceramic. The laboratory formulated cleaner is plant based, non toxic, and designed to remove that nasty gunk build up from the inside of your accessories.

Bong Caps

When using cleaning solutions for your cannabis accessories, it is best to pour the solution into your gear such as bongs and rigs. The process then continues with shaking your bong/rig so the solution can get rid of all the dirty debris. Using bong caps will ensure that your solution is not leaking for the cleanest results.

Cleaning Swabs

Higher Standards Pipe Stix is ideal to clean the small hard to reach places of your cannabis accessories. The premium cotton-tipped side is optimal for delicate surfaces. The dart-shaped tip has been designed to prevent any cotton remnants from getting dislodged in your device, potentially interfering with your next session.


Whether you are consuming cannabis to unwind after a long week or as a part of your daily routine, ensuring that your smoking gear is cleaned is very important. Dirty cannabis gear can increase the risks of debris and mold buildup that can result in unwanted health issues.

Not only will clean cannabis gear keep you healthy, but it will aid in giving you that smooth and flavorful experience that we all seek to enjoy.