Hangovers are an unforgettable experience, but not a great one though.

Similar to alcohol hangovers, cannabis hangovers tend to be more mild. Nonetheless, they are definitely not enjoyable.

Cannabis hangovers are something a person experiences the day after consuming an excessive amount of cannabis, more than regularly accustomed to. The severity of the hangover symptoms can depend on ones age, amount of consumption, and their cannabis tolerance.

What To Expect From A Cannabis Hangover

Hangovers from cannabis can happen to anyone, with inexperienced cannabis users tending to have a higher risk of experiencing a hangover. Those who are starting their cannabis journey might not be aware of their appropriate dosage, which can lead to overdosing and more intense side effects the following morning.


The beginning of a cannabis hangover usually starts with experiencing dry mouth, also known as cotton mouth in the cannabis world. Cotton mouth occurs when salivary glands in the mouth do not produce enough saliva which can result in feelings of dehydration.

Dehydration can then lead to other symptoms such as headaches. Some experience these headaches after the high sensation has worn off or the following morning.


Lethargy and fatigue is another commonly experienced symptom of a cannabis hangover; waking up with a hangover will cause one to feel a lack of energy and motivation with a desired urge to stay in bed all day.

Brain Fog

After a long night of consuming cannabis, especially without a proper night’s rest, one can experience brain fog. Brain fog can cause confusion, forgetfulness, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration and the inability to remain focused.

Remedies To Overcome A Cannabis Hangover

Staying Hydrated

Dehydration tends to be the beginning symptom of a cannabis hangover. Staying hydrated can make a world of a difference to prevent worsening side effects. Ensuring that one is staying hydrated before, during and after cannabis consumption will alleviate symptoms of headaches and dry mouth.

Although caffeine is known for helping sleepiness and can increase attention and alertness, it is best to avoid caffeine during a cannabis hangover as it can worsen dehydration.

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Having A Good Meal

A rich balanced meal with great nutrients the morning after consumption can allow the body to feel rejuvenated. Consider incorporating a source of lean protein, lots of fiber and healthy fats into your meals to increase energy levels to take on the day headfirst.

Avoid processed foods as they can increase feelings of laziness and exhaustion that one can experience from a cannabis hangover.


After a long night of using cannabis, allowing the body to relax and catch up on any missed sleep can get you back into the groove of everyday routines. Unfortunately, staying in bed for too long can also take a toll and make the body more exhausted.

Finding a good balance between rest and remaining active is ideal to overcome the hangover – even if it means just going for a walk to get some fresh air.

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Preventing Future Cannabis Hangovers

Understanding your ideal dosage and limit is important, using cannabis in moderation can decrease the risk of a cannabis hangover as it usually stems from overconsumption.

Those who consume cannabis daily will likely have a higher tolerance to the substance, making it easier to experience the withdrawal symptoms of a hangover. Trying to refrain from using cannabis daily will limit a likelihood of cannabis dependency.

Mixing substances can also be the cause of hangover symptoms, avoid mixing substances such as alcohol or other drugs with cannabis. Refraining from mixing substances will help prevent the unpleasant feeling of a hangover the next morning.


Cannabis hangovers effect everyone differently depending on age, tolerance, and usual consumption. Hangovers can cause dehydration, lethargy, and brain fog, and although there is no instant fix, the hangover symptoms will lessen over time.

Staying hydrated, getting good nutrients, relaxing while remaining moderately active are all remedies that could help lessen the severity of symptoms.

Overall, understanding your limits and refraining from mixing substances can prevent the unpleasantries of a cannabis hangover.