Vaping products in Canada are becoming the ideal preference for many when it comes to cannabis consumption. From 2020 to 2021, cannabis vaping sales have increased by roughly 80% and is still continuously on a steady incline today. Although there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis with a vaporizer, the most common and standard type of device would be with a 510 vape.

What Is a 510 Vape?

510 vapes are the universal cannabis vaporizer, it is most commonly found at all local dispensaries. The “510” is the screw-on battery size of the vaporizer, the 10 refers to the amount of threads on the battery and the 5 refers to the 5mm of space within the battery.

There are different variations of the 510 battery, some may just require the click of a button to activate, and some may be as simple as just inhaling to activate the device. Most THC and CBD oil filled cartridges fit into the 510 battery. The cartridges are usually disposable, which makes it very convenient and effortless for the user.

510 vaporizers have a lot of benefits but as with everything, there are also drawbacks.

Benefits of a 510 Vape


The 510 battery thread is very lightweight, allowing it to be portable and discrete. Being lightweight will allow the frequent user to have a travel friendly device to take it wherever they go. Most 510 devices are the size of your hand, making it easy to just slip into your pocket or purse without taking up unnecessary space.

Beginner Friendly 

The 510 battery thread will function either with a click of a button, or by just simply inhaling to activate. Some vaporizers have different voltage levels, depending on desired intensity. Beginners are recommended to use the device at the lowest temperature as it will produce a smoother hit and deliver the most flavour.

The 510 battery thread is the perfect choice for a beginner because it requires no additional knowledge. It is a simple, straightforward vaping experience.


The 510 battery thread is the universal standard in the cannabis industry making it very accessible and easy to find. Along with being accessible, there are plenty of options with different types of oiled strains, allowing the user to explore and find what serves them best!

Drawbacks of a 510 Vape


Although the 510 battery thread is the most accessible in the cannabis industry, will not suit everyone. For example, dried flower can not be smoked through a 510 vape. A dried flower vaporizer would be needed to do so. In addition, resin, wax, and/or rosin can not be used with a 510 thread battery because it will not be able to heat up the product enough.

Dab pens are needed to achieve that flavorful experience with maximum effects.


The Grenco G Pen Micro + Battery is a great product that is compatible with all 510 cartridges. Any 510 oil cartridge can be connected onto this device and the user can instantly start vaping. This device is very small and discrete as it fits into the palm of your hand, making it easy to enjoy anywhere!


If you are looking to step into the world of cannabis concentrates, investing in a 510 thread battery is your best bet! It is the most accessible vape in the market today. It is very easy to find a 510 cartridge at your local cannabis dispensary.

Not only is the 510 discrete, it is very easy to use, allowing a beginner, a seasoned veteran and everyone in between to enjoy a seamless vaping experience.