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Cookies Rolling Tray features durable and sturdy construction, perfect for holding your smoking accessories and keeping them organized. The Cookies rolling tray features a sleek paint job with the Cookies signature logo on the top. Made from a durable metal, this tray will last the test of time!

Dimensions: 7″ wide X 5.5″ tall

Available in three different sizes; small, medium and large.




Berner is Co-Founder and CEO of Cookies, the most globally recognized cannabis brand in the world. Cookies is headquartered in San Francisco and offers a collection of over 70 proprietary cannabis cultivars, more than 2,000 products, with over 45 retail locations across 5 countries. Cookies was named one of America’s Hottest Brands of 2021 by AdAge; the first cannabis brand to ever receive this accolade. In addition to Cookies, Berner has also founded/co-founded the following cannabis related businesses, establishing himself as one of the most important influencers in the industry. From the earliest days in a San Francisco garage to global growth, Cookies goal has remained the same: authenticity and innovative genetics. They take pride with in-house cultivation, global varieties, and full lineup of strain-specific products. Cookies is a lifestyle. Join the community as we take it worldwide.

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7" wide X 5.5" tall

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