Green Needs Green


Why would someone use bleached rolling papers? Is there a reason a grinder couldn’t be made of recycled plastic?
These are questions the people at Greengo asked themselves all the time.

When Greengo got started, they wanted a pure, natural and sustainable alternative to bleached rolling papers. They weren’t claiming to be saving the world, they just wanted to enjoy life’s moments in the greenest possible way.

Greengo originates from the vision of real idealists; lovers of green, who like to roll one up and light it but don’t feel like getting any unnecessary ‘bleach’ along with it.


Sustainable and pure. That’s what green can do.

Check out Greengo’s extensive range of smoking gear. Without the bleach, you’re left with just the good stuff.


As a company, Greengo is aware that current production cycles for the cannabis accessory industry can be a burdensome weight on nature.

When greengo began, they wanted a pure, natural and sustainable alternative compared to other rolling papers. Nothing was available, so they created their own. Greengo rolling papers allow users to have an environmentally friendly and truly green joint. Their aim is to show that it is possible to be sustainable in the cannabis industry.

Greengo’s rolling papers are unbleached and 100% TFC (Totally Chlorine Free) and made with 100% FSC™ approved paper pulp. Their grinders and rolling trays are made from recycled plastic cases that are used in the Dutch cannabis industry. Greengo rolling papers come from nature. Their plastic products respect nature.